Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Film "Crisis of Civilisation"

Monday, 14 May 2012

The Oakwood, 67 High Street West, Glossop

Transition Glossopdale Initiative will be screening the film ‘The Crisis of Civilization’ in the upstairs room at The Oakwood at 8PM on Monday 14th May, immediately after the next People’s Kitchen. Donations gratefully accepted. You do not need to have eaten with the People's Kitchen to attend the film, but you'd be very welcome if you did.

'The Crisis of Civilization' is a remix documentary feature film investigating how global crises like ecological disaster, financial meltdown, dwindling oil reserves, terrorism and food shortages are converging symptoms of a single, failed global system. Featuring clowns, car crashes, explosions, acrobats, super heroes, xylophones and much, much more, this funny, engaging and unique film is ultimately a powerful call to action!

The Transition Town Initiative, which started in Totnes in 2003, aims to build community solutions to the problems of Peak Oil, Climate Change and the Credit Crunch.

We’ve all done rather well over the last sixty-odd years thanks to an abundance of cheap hydrocarbons, but as we’re starting to realise, oil isn’t about to get cheaper, burning it has damaged the climate and the credit crunch seems to be here to stay. If we’re want to get out of this mess, we’re going to have to build the solution ourselves.

I’ve been really inspired by the way Glossopdale Action for Allotments, Incredible Edible Glossop and the People’s Kitchen have got people excited about food that doesn’t come from supermarkets, and about how Friends of Glossop Station have made train travel fun. The question is, what more can we do? To find out we’ll be having a brainstorming session after the film for ideas on how we make Glossop a Transition Town, able to survive the future.

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