Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Inner Transitions

GITAC is a group which explores the personal and cultural dimensions to transforming our contemporary alienating mass-society: 
to break out of our individual and collective psychic prisons 
to empower collective activism 
to re-envision our social and cultural lives; and,  
to find new ways of living.
 Understanding and accepting of the decline of the capitalist/materialist age we are looking to a new age of resilience that is infused with fresh thinking, stories, songs and diverse creative initiatives.
Within a wholesome and compassionate community, experiences of fear, anger, grief and shame can be soulfully expressed and transformed.
Creatively engaging with the challenge of living in this complex time liberates our capacity for fun, joy and happiness.
So far, we have enjoyed nature meditation walks, chanting and watching inspirational films (to November 2012) and we are currently making plans for an Interfaith Service, a Summer Dance and a Veteran Tree Walk as well as developing a Glossop-based co-operative board game.
To get involved email  transitionglossopdale@sky.com

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