Wednesday, 2 October 2013

October Newsletter

October looks like being a quiet month for GTi, for a change.

It’s Green Drinks tomorrow night (Thursday) at the Oakwood, from 8PM, so come along if you want to meet the team the Committee.

The Time Coop still needs more people and is apparently awash with gardeners.  If anyone needs their garden tidied up for the winter, why not sign up?
You can sign up and meet a broker in person at the Glossop Volunteer Centre on Thursdays between 9AM and 1PM or at The Oakwood on Sundays between 2PM and 5PM.

The Glossop Community Group are having a get together at the Methodist Church at 7:30PM on Tuesday 15th October, in which local groups (including us hopefully) will get to speak. 

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Meanwhile on the other side of the Snake Pass, the Bamford Community Pub/Hub is a go. Having thwarted an eleventh hour attempt by the owners of the former Anglers Rest pub to sell to a developer, the old pub is now in the hands of the Bamford Community Society and will hopefully it will be opening again soon.

In the big bad world beyond the High Peak though, Greenpeace is in the middle of its biggest crisis since the French Secret Service bombed the Rainbow Warrior in 1985. 

Having been seized at gunpoint in international
waters, the international crew of the Arctic Sunrise, including the former captain of the old Warrior, are now being held by Russian authorities. Two of the crew have now been charged with piracy. Unless Greenpeace were secretly flogging bootleg DVDs off the back of the ship, this looks like a blatant attempt by the Russian state to remove opposition to Gazprom’s drilling for unnecessary oil in the pristine Arctic.


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