Saturday, 4 May 2013

May 2013 Newsletter and Events

Well, things continue to happen, but as ever we can do more.

GITAC went for a dawn walk on 20th April. Luckily the unseasonal snow (possibly caused by the premature melting of the arctic ice) had more or less melted for them.

The Time Co-op ran a quiz on 24th April at The Oakwood. Despite some disputed marking (c is the speed of light in a vacuum - those three words are very important......) a good time was had by all and the other people who didn't win weren't bitter.

The Transport Group meanwhile remains stuck in the station, in need of a jump start, but will hopefully take off soon before I run out of metaphors.

If you want to help be involved in any of these groups, please get in touch.

May looks like being a bit busy though.

Firstly we've Green Drinks as usual, on Thursday 2nd May, 8PM in The Oakwood. If you come
along we're the ones who aren't knitting.

Then on the Wednesday 8th May, also at The Oakwood, we're showing another film! This will be Transition 2.0, a film about what other Transition Towns have been up to. We've been granted permission to show the film for donations only, so please come along and prepare to be inspired for a few pounds or whatever you can afford.

On 15th May we've been invited to an informal meeting with the Transition Sheffield. The plan is to car share there and come back the same evening, but the Sheffield people - who may be a little younger than our committee - have offered us a floor to sleep on if anyone wants to make an all-nighter of it.

We may also be having an Extraordinary General Meeting later next month as well, but we'll contact you separately about that.

Finally, something that made me think this week. Transition Town was founded partly on the fear that the end of cheap oil will be a major shock to our already fragile economy. However as Jeremy Leggett pointed out in The Guardian, Peal Oil isn't the only way carbon fuels can crash the banks. If fear of Climate Change means we never burn the assets the coal and oil companies hold, that will lead to a six trillion dollar black hole in the world's financial system.

That's another reason why we're trying to build a resilient community in Glossopdale.

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