Friday, 17 May 2013

Transport in Transition Quiz

Yes, the Transport Group is finally doing something!

The next Green Drinks, on Thursday 6th June at 8Pm at The Oakwood, High Streetwest, Glossop will be our in inaugural event, a quiz.

Please come along to a light hearted evening that will gently introduce some of the themes of why we need to change from carbon-fuel dependent means of transportation that destroy communities to something cleaner, greener and ultimately more effective.

There will be prizes, but not necessarily good ones.  We may have an old Jeremy Clarkson book to give away to whoever comes first, in which case the person who
comes second will get two Jeremy Clarkson books...

So come along and help launch and direct the Transport Group. We are interested in 20mph speed limits, alternatives to the Longendale Bypass, idea on getting more people to walk, cycle and use buses and trains more and aeroplanes less.

Your support and inspiration is all we need.

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