Sunday, 9 June 2013

Do The Math film 8PM 19 June, The Oakwood

Glossopdale Transition initiative will be showing the film Do The Math by the campaigning organistion in the Oakwood pub. is an international organisation led by campaigning journalist Bill McKibben that aims to build grass roots movement to raise awareness of climate change and take action to stop the rise in atmospheric greenhouses gasses before it's too late.

The current atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide is 400 parts per million, a level that the earth has not seen for at least 3 million years, a time when Greenland and Antarctica were both covered in forests and sea levels were 25 meters higher than today. wish to start a grass roots campaign to get people to lobby their pension company, their university or any other large institution they are involved with to stop investing in carbon intensive industries.

The film will be shown upstairs in The Oakwood pub, 67 High Street West at 8PM on Wednesday 19th June 2013.

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